“The tyranny of the quantifiable is partly the failure of language and discourse to describe more complex, subtle, and fluid phenomena, as well as the failure of those who shape opinions and make decisions to understand and value these slipperier things.”

     -- Rebecca Solnit, Men Explain Things to Me

        Anna Brody is an artist and educator currently based out of Tucson, Arizona. She  works to both supplement and circumvent the shortcomings of written word with imagery that can represent, relate, and describe the non-linear, non-binary world of things that grow laterally and exist simultaneously; with this work she hopes to honor okay-ness, and crystallize the quiet accomplishment of just being, now. Anna’s work foregrounds multiplicity, simultaneity, and tangential inclusion to honor the webbed nature of our reciprocal and intersecting experiences. Also of perpetual interest is the balance between fulfillment and/or refusal of desires -  between getting what we want and wanting more, and acknowledging the state of perpetual wanting as a nearly unavoidable facet of human nature. Learning by doing, learning to try with no intention of succeeding, and unlearning that non-success implies failure are always paramount.

         Anna graduated magna cum laude with a B.F.A. from the Savannah College of Art and Design, and is now pursuing her M.F.A. in Photo, Video, and Imaging from the University of Arizona. Her photographs have been exhibited internationally, and her series Edging, GA was awarded as a winner of the 2017 PDN Photo Annual. She instagrams a lot, forms strong and hasty opinions a lot, gets enthusiastic and/or sentimental about things a lot, and recently took up kickboxing and loves it a lot. Please feel free to contact Anna at any time via email or dm. She will either respond within 1 day or 1 year and is sorry if it ends up being the latter.

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